Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Guided By Voices - Box (introduction)

During their first half decade or so of existence, GBV were more of a hobby than a working band, rarely (if ever?) playing live gigs and self-releasing vinyl copies of their LPs at press runs in the low hundreds. Their legendary lo-fi sound wasn’t intentional, but an economic necessity borne out of a fourth grade teacher and his drinking buddies recording in garages and basements and locker rooms and closets and wine cellars and outhouses. This 5-CD box set collects the first four albums (but, curiously enough, not their first 1986 EP) and a bonus disc of outtakes. Robert Pollard has admitted that all of these early releases deserve a 1 star rating, but he’s being overly harsh – a 2 star average rating is more like it.

They got better, believe me.  But onto the reviews.

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