Monday, November 29, 2010

Paul McCartney - Ram

Paul McCartney

Ram (1971):  And people call the Fall obnoxious and abrasive? This shit is excruciating. Sure, it’s got plenty of hooks, but it’s as if Paul was simply throwing those hooks on a wall and seeing what stuck, without a care for meaning, emotional depth, or lyrical coherence. Frustrating because his obvious talent is still on display but he could just as obviously do much better. I mean, he was never a lyrical genius, but crap like, “Some dogs got three legs / Mine got none”, “Man, I can smell yo feet a mile away! Smile away! Smile away!” – dude, do you just not even CARE anymore? The only Beatles-worthy song is “Uncle Albert / Admiral Halsey” and it’s meaningless gibberish. I suppose some people could consider this mindless “fun” in a sub-B-52s kind of way but most this makes me go aaaagggghhhh!!! Yeah, a surprising if reluctant *** because his ability to craft Beatles-esque pop songs is still in evidence.

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