Monday, November 29, 2010

The Church - Heyday

The Church

Heyday (1986):  I totally forgot what a wonderful album this is, the Church spinning intricate guitar lines and creamy melodies as they do at their very best, and without the overproduction that would mar later albums such as Starfish. Songs such as “Disenchanted” and “Tristesse” are as soaringly Byrdsey as contemporary R.E.M., dodgy stoner-baked lyrics and all. This could’ve been their masterpiece, if not for a few problems. A pointless instrumental that goes nowhere interrupts the flow halfway through the album, “Tantalized” is too brassy by half, and a couple of other tracks are just sort of there. Well-recommended despite its inconsistency, though. A very solid ***1/2, would’ve been **** if not for the dodgy tracks.

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