Monday, November 29, 2010

Dag Nasty - Can I Say / Wig Out at Denko's

Dag Nasty

Can I Say (1986) + Wig Out At Denko’s (1987): Two LPs on one CD. Did the Minor Threat boys ever go in different musical directions after they broke – while Ian McKaye continued to pursue innovative and challenging music in Fugazi, guitarist Brian Baker’s next band continued to pursue the Minor Threat sound in its exact purist form, without a hint of surprise or innovation. The new vocalist tries to imitate McKaye way too much and even worse for comfort, the lyrics are too close to traditional Threat concerns as well, only even dumber. Worse, the sound is all slicked up, which means that this sounds like Minor Threat gone pop-metal. Horrifying as that sounds. Green Day wrote catchier and smarter songs. Worthless crap. *1/2

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