Monday, November 29, 2010

The Church - Priest=Aura

The Church

Priest=Aura (1992):  I can imagine the record executives’ reaction

upon hearing this: “What? You’re going to follow up two hit albums that broke you through in America with a nearly 70 minutes of hookless goth dirges?” Give them credit, I enjoy the dark atmosphere on this disc, but when the closest thing to ‘hit single material’ you have is a six-minute tune based on a neo-Gregorian chant as a hook, I believe the term is ‘not commercially viable’. And the problem is, all of the songs are in the same dark, groggy vein, which means that over the course of 14 songs stretching by at well over an hour, it feels like it lasts forever, without a bright hook of relief in sight. While I sort of like, I really can’t recommend this to anyone but diehard Church-heads. **

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