Monday, November 29, 2010

The Complete Stone Roses

The Stone Roses

he Complete Stone Roses (1985-1990): The sharp overflagellated guitar punch and compellingly oh-so-pale-and-British atmosphere introduced in the first song made me wonder whether I’d seriously underrated these guys in the past. However, I had yet to make it all the way through this 21-track compilation of singles A’s ‘n B’s and tracks from their LP debut (the title is a lie). Damn, the jingle-jangle mope-rock vibe sure gets monotonous and for a supposedly great dance band the beats sure are fey and wimpy (but hey, they are pale, skinny, and British). In small doses some of these songs can be quite bracing, but way too samey-sounding for more than two or three at a time. ***

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