Friday, February 25, 2011

The Fall - A Part of America Therein

A Part of America Therein (1982) **

"From the riot torn streets of Manchester, England to the scenic sewers of Chicago," it's another Fall album, and eh, so what. Track listing:

1 The N.W.R.A. Hanley, Scanlon, Smith 10:57
2 Hip Priest Hanley, Riley, Scanlon, Smith 7:58
3 Totally Wired Riley, Scanlon, Smith 4:06
4 Lie Dream of a Casino Soul Hanley, Riley, Scanlon, Smith 2:57
5 Cash 'N' Carry Hanley, Riley, Scanlon, Smith 6:42
6 An Older Lover Hanley, Hanley, Riley, Scanlon, Smith 6:50
7 Deer Park Burns, Riley, Scanlon, Smith 4:30
8 Winter Scanlon, Smith 7:35

Thank you cut & paste from the All Music Guide. As you can see, most of the material is the slower stuff, and that's not good. I love the version of "Totally Wired," on here, though. "Cash 'N' Carry," has Mark changing the lyrics to "C'N'C S Mithering", and is notable for the jibe that there are two types of factories in Manchester, factories that create dead men and a Factory that lives off a dead man. "I think you know what Factory I'm talking about." You see, the Fall's chief rival in late '70s Manchester was another band signed to label called Factory Records, and their lead singer -- oh, forget it, if I have to explain the joke, it's not funny anymore. Anyway, I don't care much for the song selection and it sounds like it was mastered from field recordings from the backstage loo. It is contained in its entirety on a two-fer CD with the extended EP Slates, which is the only reason I'm reviewing it. I mean, I listened to the damn thing, I might as well get a review out of it for my pains.

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